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How AI bots can boost your business

Published by Employee Benefits News August 11, 2023

Employees may be harboring fears that they'll soon be replaced by robots and other space-age tech, but these new tools can actually help, more than hurt.

New grads in particular are concerned about automation in the workplace, as 46% feel threatened by the growth of AI, according to a study by edtech company Cengage Group. However, the right training and upskilling can help new employees use these tools to their advantage, and employers should be taking the initiative to get them up to speed. 


  • Once employees are hired, employers need the right internal communications strategies. However, more isn't always better: 38% of employees and managers feel bombarded by excessive, confusing memos, according to research from Gartner. This is another place where artificial intelligence could make the process smoother.  

"Most companies don't even track the open rates of their all-hands, which are important communications with their staff about benefits or initiatives on strategy and vision," says Roy Schwartz, co-founder and president of Axios HQ, an AI-powered software that helps organizations manage their essential communications. "Are people actually understanding it? Are they able to absorb it? Did they read it? All of those things are not being measured right now."

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