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Axios HQ’s new AI and Smart Brevity innovations will transform your internal communication

Published by MarTech Series September 6, 2023

Axios HQ, the leading AI-powered software designed to help organizations of all sizes manage their internal communications, announced a new flight of generative AI features that make it easier – and faster – for organizations to identify, communicate, and elevate what is essential to their staff and stakeholders.

  • Why it matters: According to Axios HQ, 47% of leaders say the toughest step in keeping the organization aligned is writing in a concise, engaging way. AI can meaningfully enhance operations such as internal communications — nearly 85% of executives say AI will help them gain a competitive advantage.

Axios HQ CEO Roy Schwartz: “Nobody ever teaches you how to communicate effectively inside of an organization. At the moment, it’s like the Wild Wild West. Axios HQ’s approach is to provide proven templates and smart AI editing so that communication can be concise and efficient. Better, more effective communications drive performance and engagement.”

How it works: Axios HQ’s editor helps users break down the writing process into three phases: Think, Draft, and Edit. Axios HQ is consistently adding and upgrading new AI-powered tools for each step of the writing journey to help craft effective updates – fast.

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