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9 ways marketing and comms can use AI to boost employee engagement and productivity

Written by Axios HQ COO Jordan Zaslav

Published by MarTech Series on October 18, 2023

AI has integrated quickly into internal marketing and communications — with 87% of marketing professionals and 85% of communications professionals already adopting it, according to a study by The Conference Board.

  • Why it matters: AI will have a significant impact on how businesses operate, employees work, and day-to-day tasks are managed. And while most marketers and communicators say they think — and MIT research shows — AI will boost team productivity, some are less certain how it might impact work quality and worker creativity.

“If we design these [tools] in the right way, they can amplify people’s abilities,” Anthropic CEO Dario Amodei told Axios HQ in an interview. “AI is one tool, and existing human creativity is another, and there’s gonna be a lot of skill in learning how to put those together.”

That means the new gold-standard for internal marketers and communicators isn’t just understanding and embracing innovative technologies — it’s helping the teammates around them learn to use them their full, and safe, potential. The entire organization can get further, faster when they thoughtfully use AI to organize their thoughts, cut down on distracting clutter, streamline collaboration, and save time.

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