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Getting back in the groove after a long weekend, holidays

Published by SHRM January 16, 2024

Feelin’ a little sluggish returning to work after the holidays? For many, it can be difficult getting back into the work groove even after a three-day weekend that includes an observance such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day or Labor Day.

  • The good news: There are strategies you can use to make the transition back to work a little easier for yourself and your team. Start before the break begins by meeting with employees as a group or one-on-one, advised Jordan Zaslav, chief operating officer at internal communications software company Axios HQ. 

“People will know what you all are going to focus on before they head out,” he explained. “They might not think about it during [their time off], but it will feel familiar once they’re back.”

This is a good time for managers and team members to tie up work-related loose ends and create to-do lists for their return, Zaslav said. It helps get you and them back into the workflow when the time off has ended. Zaslav noted that Axios research found employees were more likely to engage with company updates if they are sent the night before returning to work.

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