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Axios HQ's new AI features elevate your essential communications

Published May 11, 2023

As we all witness generative AI gaining momentum in every industry and leaders across them adopting it, we are proud Axios HQ is on the forefront of helping hundreds of organizations use AI for Essential Communication Management (ECM).

  • This week, we unveiled more than a half-dozen new and practical AI-powered features to help leaders become more effective and engaging communicators — and all workplace writers become more like editors along the way.

Why it matters: AI is already offering “newfound agility in an uncertain world,” as Forbes put it. That means AI can, will — and in many cases already does — help organizations do more with the plentiful or limited resources they have, boosting team productivity, employee engagement, and overall workplace success.

What Axios HQ can do for you: Our new generative AI features make it faster and easier for you to identify, communicate, and elevate what is essential to your staff and stakeholders.

  • We understand that knowing what to write — or starting to write it — is sometimes the hardest part in keeping staff and stakeholders aligned.
  • We also know that with all the information hitting those folks every second of every day, it’s hard to stand out, grab their attention, and keep them engaged.

That’s why every AI-powered feature we built and launched in this release will help lower one of those hurdles. We’re excited to walk you through each issue one and how we ease it.

1. Maximize limited time or resources. Axios HQ’s features are designed to improve writers, not replace them. Consider it a superpower so you can be faster and more efficient each time you sit down to create an important update. The features that give you a boost: 


  • Q&A: Axios HQ is your organization’s source of truth for vital information. Now you can search anything you’ve ever written inside it and surface specific details you need to revisit or reinforce with readers.
  • Language translation: Let OpenAI help you be more inclusive and clear. With HQ, you can immediately translate any essential workplace communication into another language.
  • Image generation: Use AI to create custom visuals that are engaging and unique. Then use them break up longer text updates and add moments of visual intrigue — and stronger storytelling — for readers.

2. Start writing faster. When you don’t know what to write — or even where to start — that blank screen gets even brighter with every passing second. HQ can help get initial ideas on the page so you can add on to its ideas, rather than start from scratch. The features that give you a boost:


  • Brainstorm: Tell HQ what you want to cover or the type of update you’re trying to write. It will recommend an outline or list of topics to help you get started.
  • Axiom suggestions: Once you start writing, HQ will offer ideas for the types of details or sections your communication could include next. It sets up the street signs you can follow to keep your update charging ahead.

3. Stay succinct and engaging. As your organization grows, communication becomes a team sport. That’s incredibly helpful, but sometimes hard to wrangle. And it can be even harder to keep updates from different folks in departments all smart, streamlined, and on brand. The features that give you a boost:

Smart Brevity

  • Smart Brevify: HQ becomes your new baseline. Add any lengthy block of text, and our AI can help distill it down to the most important points and remove any unnecessary details for your audience. Every communicator can stand on the same starting block.
  • Tone variation: The best one-to-many communications still feel like a warm, genuine conversation. HQ lets you define what tone you want your update to have, then automatically adjusts your word choices to match.

The bottom line: These features already have a big impact on how we communicate at with our own colleagues. We’re excited to share them with everyone who uses Axios HQ to help sharpen and strengthen their essential workplace communications, too.

Go deeper: Watch this two-minute video to see how Axios HQ uses AI to transform essential, workplace communications.

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