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Politics at work: How employers can accommodate discourse

Published by Human Resources Director on April 24, 2024

For many employees, there is less inclination to talk about politics at work amid concerns that it will disrupt harmony in the workplace.

For example, HiBob's recent research found that 60% of employees are more hesitant in sharing their political views, and 77% would rather avoid political debates at work.


Trust in workplace key to healthy debate

But Jordan Zaslav, chief operating officer (COO) of Axios HQ, said accommodating a diverse set of political discourse at work boils down to trust.

"When you have trust between leadership and teams, when you have trust between your employees, you can actually have a lot of debate, and it can be healthy debate," he told HRD.

"When there's not trust and good intent, that's where things really fall apart. People start feeling personally attacked when someone disagrees with them because they don't know it comes from a good place."

Building that trust starts with communication, according to Zaslav.

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