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Arlington’s Axios HQ says internal comms for many U.S. companies is in dire straits

Published by ARLnow March 11, 2024

Arlington-based Axios HQ released a report today that it says should be a reality check for company leaders. “What we see every year — this year is no different — is there’s a lot more misalignment happening than a lot of leaders are aware of,” Chief Operating Officer Jordan Zaslav tells ARLnow.

  • For instance, nearly half (44%) of surveyed leaders think staff are aligned with business goals but only 14% of employees agree, per its report, which surveyed some 1,500 executives and employees. Most (85%) leaders think internal communications are helpful and relevant but only 45% of employees agree.
  • A majority of leaders (62%) think their communications keep everybody on the same page but Axios found the average worker loses up to 46 working days each year searching for the information they need to do their jobs.

“There’s a lot that needs to be better — like what topics you’re covering, how frequently, how clearly you communicate them, and on what channels,” Zaslav says.

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