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The top AI tools for your organization

By 2025, 70% of organizations will see the sustainability and ethical use of AI as among their top concerns, according to Gartner. Every leader not only needs to have a plan for how AI can amplify their operations, they also need a plan to implement it now.  

It can be hard to know which tools stand to help your organization, though. That’s why we’ve scoured lists of favorite AI tools, talked to operations professionals who’ve run their own search, and even plucked a few of our favorites to compile the list below — all tools that could make a difference in your teams’ daily workflows. 

Internal communications AI tool

Employees with no writing training can go from a blank page to a polished communication in a matter of minutes with the right tools. And when they can get your message across faster and better than ever, your whole organization will be more aligned. 

With AI-powered writing guidance and layout recommendations, the Axios HQ platform helps businesses reach their employees through the only method they report wanting more of: newsletters. Those without any writing training can turn out internal and external communications that are 40% shorter on average. And Axios HQ integrates with channels like Slack to keep employees informed no matter where they are. 

  • Instant messaging: Slack

Empower teams to do more by communicating better. Slack’s well known for its instant messaging, but new AI features will help folks highlight what matters on each channel and summarize long threads with a single click.

Video and creative AI tools

From social media to websites to presentations and ads, creative copy is needed more than ever. From templates to full service platforms, you can supplement your creative team by giving them the top tools to help them get the job done. 

You can go from text to video with Runway, using its features to both create and polish your work. Or you can remove objects and replace them with something else. You can also use the green screen effects to remove and change backgrounds. The options are as limitless as your imagination. 

  • Video management: Peech

For those who don’t have in-house video teams, Peech can step in to help you create branded videos. After uploading your brand kit, Peech will add brand elements, colors, and even colleague names when it detects a face. Then, Peech will help you break down your content into digestible bits for social media. 

Go from text to images quickly with this image generator from OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT. You’ll be creating marketing, sales, and social media images in no time. 

  • Slideshow automation: Gamma

Create professional slideshow presentations, documents, and webpages with AI-assisted designs. Plus, you get access to a template library, pre-built slides, and analytics. 

Sales and Marketing AI tools

The boundaries between teams are blending, and they need more tools than ever to take on those added responsibilities and bring in more prospects to keep the business up and running. 

  • Copywriting for marketing: Jasper

    Help your marketing team become faster and more productive with a central nervous system that houses everything from your brand voice and style guide to your positioning and project management capabilities.  

Close deals faster with a platform that provides reps and executives the insights they need in order to be competitive. Get insights into where deals are falling through and what next steps are needed. 

With Growbots, your organization can increase lead generation by finding the best prospects, sending them targeted emails, and then following up when the time is right. That way, you can continue to grow your customer and clients lists quickly and easily.  

  • Social media scheduler: Taplio

Get AI-created posts for LinkedIn, easily schedule them with one click, and then get the insights you need to better connect with your audience. Taplio takes the work out of social media so you can spend more time interacting and less time writing and planning. 

General business AI tools

Keeping your organization running smoothly requires new advancements geared toward getting work done faster than ever before. These tools can help you do just that. 

When you have questions you want answered, need guidance on new marketing campaigns or sales tactics, or want help planning a company retreat, ChatGPT can help you handle it all. Drawing on LLMs, you can enable employees to think outside the box by drawing on the collective knowledge supplied by chatbots like ChatGPT. 

  • Project management automation: Notion

Cut back on the time you spend on manual tasks with automations that can make collaborating easier than ever. Streamline your task flows, reports, data entry, and more to keep your projects and campaigns on time. 

Go from recorded conversation to transcriptions, get detailed meeting notes, and generate insights from your meetings with Sembly. You can also use AI to get meeting summaries and generate auto follow ups. 

Use your data more powerfully than ever. Make industry forecasts, build business strategies, and make quicker decisions — all backed by solid data. 

Manage customer service, Sales, product operations, and more with one tool. Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot is an AI-assistant that reasons through tasks, automates data entry, and customizes itself to your needs so business gets done better and faster. 

  • Workplace search: Glean

Get AI-powered workplace search with Glean. Find answers, analytics, summaries and more from across different locations in your organization — like documents, conversations, tickets, and elsewhere you store important info.

No matter which tools you use, as you're implementing AI technology, don’t forget the human element. AI is still prone to “hallucinations” and bias. Train up employees now so they can implement, run, and oversee these tools. 

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