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Goldman Sachs Global Head of Corp. Comms on when to revise and reset your long-term vision

AI is racing, hybrid work is here to stay, and ongoing shifts in the economy are challenging even the most carefully constructed business plans. It’s time for leaders to take a hard look at how they’re operating and find new, innovative, and strategic ways to lead their teams to success.

  • Why it matters: The first hard decision is what to change. The second is deciding how to communicate it in a crisp way — to employees, stakeholders, and anyone else whose talents you need to harness. 

Watch a conversation with two leaders with decades of experience in what it takes to revise, reset, and rebuild:

  • Tony Fratto, Goldman Sachs Global Head of Corporate Communications. He started his career as Principal Deputy Press Secretary at the White House, communicating policy to domestic and foreign media, then built Hamilton Place Strategies (now Penta) into a top policy research and public affairs firm. Now he leads communication at Goldman Sachs.
  • Roy Schwartz, Axios HQ CEO. He’s been a Partner at Gallup, served as Chief Revenue Officer for Politico, co-founded Axios, and now, at Axios HQ, leads the teams working with organizations big and small to elevate the impact of their internal workplace communications.

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