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The 2023 state of essential workplace communications

A look at what's going wrong with workplace communications and how to fix it.

It has never been harder — or more important — to keep employees and stakeholders on the same page. Inflation, economic uncertainty, and hybrid work models add to the complexity, creating an urgent need for more effective communication from leaders.

🤔 So, what needs to change? We surveyed 1,038 full-time employees and 540 top leaders to find out. 

Our research surfaced four key issues:

  • Leaders and employees aren't on the same page — 66% of leaders think they are aligned with employees. Only 44% of employees agree. 
  • Context is missing — 77% of leaders think their communications share the context employees need to do their jobs well. Only 46% of employees agree. 
  • Data is incomplete — 67% of leaders say their audience has an easy way to share feedback on the communications they receive. Only 43% of employees agree. 
  • Insights aren't accessible — 70% of leaders believe staff can quickly find the goals and directives they need. Only 46% of employees say they can. 

💡 In this report, we dive deeper into these points of misalignment and turn to leaders — at Uber, bp, Edelman, and more — for solutions that help organizations get back in sync.