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270+ intriguing workplace communication statistics in 2023

Published by TechReport December 4, 2023

Effective communication is the key to improvement and productivity in every setting, especially workplaces. A company or organization seeking growth must always adopt effective communication skills. Using the right word choices, patterns, and tactics to convey information to workers or partners is essential. Being harsh to employees is the beginning of organizational failure. This is because it triggers employees’ lack of confidence and many other negative energies.


According to Axios HQ:

  • The wrong use of words and poor communication create great disconnections between employees and their leaders. 
  • Almost half of leaders struggle to understand what news is important to employees and stakeholders. They believe updates on company culture, new hires, and company goals are crucial.

  • 49% of organizations use ad hoc emails for internal communication, a method preferred by 40% of people.

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