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HQ raises $20 million in Series A funding

A note from Roy Schwartz, Axios HQ CEO...

I’m thrilled to announce a $20M Series A funding round co-led by Glade Brook Capital Partners and Greycroft Partners.

  • It’s been an amazing ride for our team at Axios HQ over these last 2 years, and I’m so thankful for the commitment and collaboration that has led to this milestone. 

  • In the coming months we’ll use the funding to deepen innovation on our platform, including the expansion of our generative AI features such as Smart Brevity Guidance.

The big picture: It’s never been harder for leaders to break through the noise and keep their employees and key stakeholders aligned.  

  • The reality is that leaders and communicators at every organization spend most of their time communicating, but most have never been taught how to do it effectively, efficiently, and profitably. 

  • When employees receive ineffective communications —or worse, don't receive critical updates at all— they have to dig to find the essential, creating misalignment, wasted time, and lost productivity. 

  • We started HQ because we envision a world where organizations use the power of communication to align employees, clients, and stakeholders to deliver extraordinary results. 

What’s next: Since we launched in February 2021, we’ve grown fast, and today more than 500 clients (including Delta, Sweetgreen, Edelman, and Make-A-Wish) have chosen HQ to help them manage their internal communications. 

  • We’re humbled by their trust, and motivated to continue innovating to empower more leaders and communicators to find the essential and elevate what matters most. 

This is a big step on a journey we’re committed to for the long term, and we’re incredibly fortunate to be partnering with visionary investors who are equally committed to solving these problems.

This is just the beginning!  

To see what we're building, book a demo with our team today. 

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