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Cadence is key: How Chobani keeps staff and stakeholders aligned

“Folks are getting hit up on Slack or Teams or text or email, and you're trying to transact through so many different mediums — that can be quite challenging and frustrating,” Nishant Roy, Chobani’s Chief Communications and Impact Officer, shared at a recent Axios HQ event.

  • Why it matters: Without a consistent cadence, employees — especially ones in unique locations like warehouses — don’t know where to look for critical information or know when they’re going to get updates on important topics, like the two they care about most.

Chobani faces the same obstacle many organizations do when in internal communication: scattered employees. Keeping corporate stakeholders aligned with warehouse workers who lack internet access the majority of the work day is hard. Chobani uses a reliable cadence for important communications so audiences always know when — and where — to look. 

👇 Chobani’s two key cadences:

  • Weekly: Every week Chobani sends out a newsletter called Chobani This Week. It has updates on what's happening from a commercial perspective and highlights partnerships they’re developing, too. “Through Chobani This Week, we've been able to show how partnerships are actually executing and how we're actually getting some demonstrated success,” Nishant said.
  • Bi-monthly: Every other month, Chobani sends an impact newsletter to its partners — often including top stories from all their weekly sends. That way, they’re sharing a consistent story to both internal and external stakeholders.  

The bottom line: With employees in different locations, you need plans in place to ensure your messages get read and acted upon. Determine a cadence that works for your specific audience so they know where to access key information. 

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