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5 leadership lessons to level up your communications in 2023

Leaders say that better employee engagement is the number one benefit they start to see when their organization’s internal communications are highly effective.

  • Why it matters: Communication requires time and intention to be effective, and the beginning of the year is the perfect time to implement a stronger, better communications strategy that keeps everyone moving in the same direction in the new year.

Intel CCO Tara Smith, Chief People Officer Anand Mehta, and Axios CEO Jim VandeHei  sat down to talk at a recent Axios HQ event about ways leaders can get an executive edge for a stronger start to 2023. They relayed five leadership lessons they’ve learned over the years that communicators at any level can benefit from.


To get your org start on the right track this year:

  • Decide what you’re NOT going to do. Make a point of knowing both what you will focus on in 2023 and what you won’t have time for. Knowing your boundaries and setting those expectations early on prevents tough conversations and misunderstandings later. 
  • Plan for the unplanned. Pay attention to anything that might impact your organization, or as Tara puts it, ask yourself, “What headwinds are likely to come your way?” Look ahead to four or five things that might arise as a curveball. Get a running start by having a plan to face them in place. Even if these challenges don’t arise, you’ll feel more comfortable and on-track knowing you won’t have to scramble no matter what the economy brings.
  • Seek mentors. “We all have blindspots,” Anand reminds us, “ but by seeking out mentors in an open-minded, low-ego way we can learn in spite of ourselves. That investment will pay off, too, by making you a leader others want to invest in and work with. 
  • Get to know yourself. Find out what matters to you, how you operate most effectively, and how you tackle the things that need to get done. The more you know about yourself, the more you can set yourself — and your organization — up for success. 
  • Keep asking and explaining “why.” It’s not enough to only know what you’re doing this year in terms of strategy and goals — know why. Find out what impacts it will have and how it’s driving the bottom line. Plus, telling each individual why they are doing what they’re doing gives them a sense of purpose that increases profitability and decreases attrition.

Whether you lead a team of five or 500, communication is just as important, and taking the time to do it effectively will increase engagement across the board.

Go deeper: Watch the entire event to get even more tips on starting 2023 strong

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