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We analyzed the open rates on 8.7 million email deliveries — and hosted a deep-dive event into the data that sparked so much engagement and so many questions we had to schedule a part two. 

  • We’re taking you even deeper into the data — and also the optimized send strategy — that can boost opens on your most important internal communications.  

🔍  Hear our Chief of Staff Tristyn Hassani and Senior Director Emily Inverso to get into…

  • The most surprising data we found. Organizations are seeing the best open rates at unconventional hours. We dig in on which hours and why. 
  • Ways to optimize your send strategy. Hear best practices for auditing your content, cadence, and success rate across your internal communications.
  • Expanded Q&A. Get your questions answered on our data and tactics.


Emily Inverso headshot
Emily Inverso Axios HQ Senior Director
Tristyn Hassani headshot
Tristyn Hassani Axios HQ Head of Internal Communications