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Exceptional leaders have a strong vision. They’re clear and decisive. They empower the people who do the work, and they stay agile in an evolving business. They also rely on constant access to useful, actionable insights.

  • Why it matters: They can’t do it alone. And it’s often team leaders, Ops, and chiefs of staff who define and create these mission-critical updates.

🔍  Watch Axios HQ Chief of Staff Tristyn Hassani do a deep dive on the strategy and types of updates she uses to keep executives informed and aligned, efficiently. She breaks down three internal communications: 

  • The pre-read to send before every executive meeting to keep leaders focused on the decisions that need made.
  • The “while you were out” newsletter to have waiting in executive inboxes when they return from time away.
  • The “where are we on that” project update that keeps stakeholders informed and big-picture projects moving forward.



Tristyn Hassani headshot
Tristyn Hassani Axios HQ Head of Internal Communications