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Low engagement is costing the global economy $8.8 trillion yearly, according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report. It’s putting organizations on a path to under-perform and to lose their most critical asset — employees. 

  • The good news: Employees have already shared what would most improve workplace culture — and their engagement.

Hear a conversation with two leaders who have spent years advising organizations on engagement and communication best practices:

  • 📣  Jon Clifton, Gallup’s CEO. He takes us through highlights from this year’s State of the Global Workplace report — and shares the improvements employees want to see.

  • 📣  Roy Schwartz, Axios HQ’s Co-founder and CEO. He spotlights the strategies leaders at every level are using to be the stronger, more consistent communicators that employees want.


Jon Clifton headshot
Jon Clifton Gallup Chief Executive Officer
Roy Schwartz headshot
Roy Schwartz Axios HQ Co-founder and CEO