What we’re hearing: Teams feel stretched as the end-of-year crunch starts to overpower their calendars.

  • It makes sense. Most organizations are in a tough middle, pushing to keep momentum high as they close out 2022’s ambitious goals and eye a 2023 that will be even bigger.

Leaders need to get creative in the ways they provide key updates between staff and stakeholders, help teams ruthlessly prioritize where and how they spend their time, and continue to motivate and include those teams in next year’s planning so they feel ownership in the long-term goals they’ll be held accountable to.

👉 Watch Axios HQ's Chief of Staff Tristyn Hassani in conversation with Jodi Kawada Page of Uber and Joel Chakra of Olive Ventures about how they strike this difficult balance.

They discuss:

  • How they funnel mission-critical details between staff and stakeholders.
  • How to create time to thoughtfully plan for the year ahead, while calendars are packed.
  • How to keep teams motivated under intense, but necessary pressure as deadlines loom.


Tristyn Hassani

Axios HQ

Chief of Staff

Joel Chakra

Olive Ventures

General Partner

Jodi Kawada Page


Director and Chief of Staff to the Chief Legal Officer