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Stronger staff communication — it makes the difference between strategies that succeed and those that shatter, teams that stay aligned and those at odds with each other, organizations that grow and those that come to a grinding halt. 

  • Why it matters: Communication doesn’t have to be complicated. And most teams will tell you exactly what they want. Nearly 70% say they prefer to receive essential updates in an email or newsletter format, according to Axios HQ research

Join us April 13 to learn how 400+ organizations are amplifying their all-staff communications to lean into what their audience wants. We’ll cover:

  • Streamlining strategy: A look at the Up, Down & Around communication strategy helping organizations keep their teams aligned.

  • Optimizing updates: The content, length, order, and elements that keep multi-topic communications actionable and engaging. 

  • Radiating impact: Where email-based communications fit in a multi-channel strategy.

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Emily Inverso headshot
Emily Inverso Axios HQ Senior Director