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The Slack co-founder has scaled orgs from tiny to titan, and now he sees tech’s next turning point — efficiency. Efficient operations, responsible scaling, and effective communication around both will define an organization’s success.

  • To do that well, leaders need to refine when, where, and how they're reaching their teams.

Stewart Butterfield joins Axios Co-founder and CEO Jim VandeHei to discuss communicating with modern teams on the channels they know and trust.

Together, they cover:

  • The strategies that empower better communication at every level of an organization — building the skill today’s employees need.
  • The tools and channels leaders need to reach today’s modern workforce — so messages are seen and understood.
  • How to cascade key messages throughout an organization — be it a start-up or corporate enterprise.

🔎 Go deeper: Axios HQ is a powerful internal communications tool 600+ organizations trust. This year, it takes communication beyond the inbox with Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations so you can reach more teammates — on more of the channels they trust.


Jim VandeHei headshot
Jim VandeHei Axios Co-founder & CEO
Stewart Butterfield headshot
Stewart Butterfield Slack Co-founder