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Business, global, and political leaders are telling us two things: 2023 was one of the toughest economies to lead through, but 2024 will bring back better balance and spending power.

  • 2024 will have its own hurdles, though — a presidential election year will spark difficult conversations, the urgency of AI will separate leaders from laggards, and the evolving demands of a modern workforce will force leaders to be proactive in sharing plans. 

Leaders need a stronger communication strategy now, before the pressure is at its highest, and Smart Brevity is what more than 500 organizations trust to stay clear, concise, and in control of their message. Hear Axios Co-founder Mike Allen and Axios HQ CEO Roy Schwartz to discuss:

  • Smart Brevity — how it has evolved since we introduced it to the world in the Axios newsroom, Axios HQ, and the Smart Brevity book.
  • What leaders should have learned this year — from a reporter’s and an executive’s perspective.
  • What still lies ahead and why now is the time to refine and rightsize internal communication strategies. 



Roy Schwartz headshot
Roy Schwartz Axios HQ Co-founder and CEO
Mike Allen headshot
Mike Allen Axios Co-founder