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We built a flight of generative AI features to make it easier — and faster — for you to identify, communicate, and elevate what is essential to your staff and stakeholders.

  • Why it matters: Communicating effectively is a hard and under-invested-in skill. Our generative AI is powered by Smart Brevity and helps leaders close the gap between draft and send. 

Axios HQ’s Head of Product, Marcus Moretti, and Senior Director of Content, Emily Inverso, shared a look at AI-features built to power each step of your writing journey:

  • Think: Staring at a blank page can be intimidating. HQ features like Brainstorm and Smart Brevitize help you get started – fast. 
  • Draft: We’ve supercharged the writing process with tools like Guided Writing and Focus Mode so you write with the wind at your back.
  • Edit: HQ elevates you to an editor with Smart Brevity guidance so you can confidently hit send on your most essential communications.


Emily Inverso headshot
Emily Inverso Axios HQ Senior Director
Marcus Moretti headshot
Marcus Moretti Axios HQ Head of Product