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When you’re advocating for budget, resources, and whatever it takes to keep internal communications strong and employee engagement high — where do you start?

  • How do you define success for something like internal comms?
  • How different does that look for deskless vs. office workers?
  • What metrics do you need to track or develop to make the case?
  • How do you operationalize collecting the insight you need?
  • What do you do if you don’t have any of this in place?

Hear leaders from McKinsey and Axios explore how organizations of any size can sharpen their case for internal comms, what metrics they need to do it, and where it fits into their strategic operations. Hear from:

  • Joel Willcher, McKinsey & Company's Head of Lifecycle Engagement 
  • Eleanor Hawkins, Axios' Communications Strategist & Writer
  • Tristyn Hassani, Axios HQ's Chief of Staff


Tristyn Hassani headshot
Tristyn Hassani Axios HQ Chief of Staff
Joel Willcher headshot
Joel Willcher McKinsey & Company Head of Lifecycle Engagement
Eleanor Hawkins headshot
Eleanor Hawkins Axios Communications Strategist & Writer