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The stories that transcend their generation — The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Shrek — all started with someone who had the vision to see a story worth telling, the creativity to bring its details to life, and the voice to captivate an entire audience.

  • The stories stuck. And whether their creators were speaking to the entire world or just to their entire team, that magic came from smart, memorable messaging.

Watch a conversation with leaders who’ve mastered this craft:

📣  Jeffrey Katzenberg, Founding Partner of WndrCo. He transformed Walt Disney Studios, then built DreamWorks and WndrCo from the ground up. Now, he’s exploring how leaders can use creative communication to make their visions a reality.

📣  Jim VandeHei, Co-founder & CEO of Axios. After decades of reporting and founding two media companies, he’ll break down how modern leaders – in any industry – can capture attention and keep teams engaged.

They’ll take us behind the curtain on how to: 

  • Create powerful messaging that sticks with its audiences.
  • Communicate at scale, from startups to established orgs.
  • Bring big ideas to life and tackle unexpected challenges.
  • Nurture creativity, while prioritizing results and alignment.


Jim VandeHei headshot
Jim VandeHei Axios Co-founder & CEO
Jeffrey Katzenberg headshot
Jeffrey Katzenberg WndrCo Founding Partner