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Leaders are bracing for 2023 to be a tough year in organizations and economies everywhere, Axios reports

  • Colleagues are on edge, budgets are under review, and next year’s goals are in a state of ongoing change.

That puts a premium on clear priorities and confident leadership so you can keep your organization focused on what matters.

🔎 Watch Axios CEO Jim VandeHei in conversation with Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean, DoorDash VP of Communications and Policy, about what they have learned from leading through change and uncertainty, including: 

  • How to thoughtfully plan and prioritize for the year ahead when turmoil looms.
  • How to keep teams focused and creative amidst distractions.
  • How to communicate to build trust and earn attention. 


Jim VandeHei headshot
Jim VandeHei Axios Co-founder & CEO
Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean headshot
Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean DoorDash Vice President, Communications & Policy