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Jim VandeHei, at 19, was a small town, “beer guzzling under-achiever, chalking up a 1.491 GPA at his hometown college.” Nearly 30 years later, he’s built two of the most successful media outlets of all time, Politico and Axios, and is sharing his executive insights in his book, “Just the Good Stuff.”

Watch Axios HQ Co-founder Jim VandeHei join Head of Internal Comms Tristyn Hassani and dig into how executives can:

  • Surround themselves with strong communicators — and make communication an org-wide skill.
  • Be a trustworthy and transparent leader — constantly and consistently.
  • Offer clear direction to their teams — so everyone knows what matters most.

The bottom line: “If you can communicate better,” Jim says, “people fundamentally make better decisions.”


Jim VandeHei headshot
Jim VandeHei Axios Co-founder & CEO
Tristyn Hassani headshot
Tristyn Hassani Axios HQ Head of Internal Communications