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Whether you’re bringing a new product to the market, launching a business to solve an urgent issue, or paving a new path between an early idea and a world of possibility — the people who help you see it, create it, achieve it are your most valuable investment. 

  • Communicate crisply, and they will amplify your impact. Leave them sprinting but under-informed, and your vision may never reach its full potential. 

Watch Chobani Chief Communications and Impact Officer Nishant Roy, in conversation with Axios HQ Co-founder and CEO Roy Schwartz, on how internal communications will make or break an organization’s mission. They discuss:

  • The internal communications strategies that make high impact work possible.
  • Why the marriage of policy, impact, and communications is no longer a nice-to-have.
  • Why Chobani believes authentic stories are the key to inspiring your teams and advancing your mission.

🎤 Nishant Roy’s career spans the U.S. Air Force, The Clinton Foundation, Goldman Sachs, and the United States Agency for International Development. He joined Chobani as Chief of Staff to the CEO, led the company’s strategic operations, and now spearheads their Communications and Impact work.  


Roy Schwartz headshot
Roy Schwartz Axios HQ Co-founder and CEO
Nishant Roy headshot
Nishant Roy Chobani Chief Communications and Impact Officer