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We’ve all felt the importance of picking the right words. They empower, engage, inspire, inform. But in our world of overwhelm — written words, typed words, spoken words, texted words — it can be hard for leaders to keep an eye on all those words.

  • Why it matters: When an organization gets them wrong, employees can feel alienated, progress can slow, and overall business performance can be at risk. And 20% of staff already say they don’t feel welcome or included at work, according to Accenture. 

Hear from a leader with decades of communications experience. They’ll share how they navigated a changing workforce, ways to plan inclusive communications that reflect that workforce, and how to begin to rebuild trust if something missed the mark.

  • Bob Jimenez | Frmr. SVP of Corporate Affairs, Cox Enterprises
    He started his career in public relations, leading comms for AdventHealth then served as the official spokesperson for Walt Disney World’s 49-acre resort. He was Cox Enterprises' Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, owning strategic communications and reputation management for one of the nation’s largest privately-owned conglomerates. 


Mike Allen headshot
Mike Allen Axios Co-founder
Bob Jimenez headshot
Bob Jimenez Cox Enterprises Frmr. Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs