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Communication is a force multiplier. It keeps people on the same page, prioritizing work that’s valued by leaders and valuable to team success. But leaders need a clear strategy and the right insights to demonstrate its impact.

  • Why it matters: With a clear ROI, it becomes easier to make the case to invest in the tools and strategies you use to keep staff in sync.

UPS President of Global Communications Deisha Barnett and Eventbrite Head of Internal Communications Samantha Hillstrom joined HQ Chief Operating Officer Jordan Zaslav to discuss how communicators can:

  • Tie internal comms to impact on organization goals.
  • Identify the metrics needed to tell that story in a compelling way.
  • Advocate effectively for the resources to scale your team, tools, and reach.



Deisha Barnett headshot
Deisha Barnett UPS President, Global Communications
Jordan Zaslav headshot
Jordan Zaslav Axios HQ Chief Operating Officer
Samantha Hillstrom headshot
Samantha Hillstrom Eventbrite Head of Internal Communications