Today's leaders are facing the urgent need for a new approach to managing their essential communications that breaks through the noise to capture the attention of their audience.

  • As the volume of information thats available continues to expand, the ideas and organizations that thrive will share one critical skill – creating clarity from chaos.

🧠 Join Axios HQ CEO Roy Schwartz in conversation with two communicators who – at every level – are using best-in-class essential communications to create this clarity. They'll examine: 

  • How leaders can sharpen their comms strategy – whether they're crafting an internal all-staff update or an external newsletter.
  • How Happy Money and Order of Magnitude leverage Axios HQ and Smart Brevity® to elevate their most essential comms.


Roy Schwartz

Axios HQ

Co-founder and CEO

Laura Cullen

Happy Money

Director of Communications

Cara Natterson

Order of Magnitude

Founder & CEO