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“AI HQ” is an Axios HQ original series that takes you to the heart of the AI revolution — and the implications it’ll have on society, industry, communication, and our future.

In episode two, you’ll meet Emad Mostaque, Stability AI’s founder and CEO who has a gripping vision for open-source AI. The company went viral last summer, saw a meteoric rise to $1 billion valuation, and started asking difficult questions to other challengers — like, “How can you expect leaders to trust your AI if you don’t disclose its technical details?” 

  • It’s also Emad’s first interview since a media whirlwind that challenged some of Stability AI’s claims.

AI HQ’s co-hosts Dylan Pearce, a venture capitalist at Greycroft, and Roy Schwartz, CEO of Axios HQ, talk to Emad about:

  • Why Stability AI is committed to open source
  • How Emad faced rocky press, and the team dynamics that came with it
  • The future of AI, its potential, and how the world will use it



Roy Schwartz headshot
Roy Schwartz Axios HQ Co-founder and CEO
Dylan Pearce headshot
Dylan Pearce Greycroft Partner
Emad Mostaque headshot
Emad Mostaque Stability AI Founder and CEO