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For many CCOs we’re speaking to, a similar idea is popping up: “The impact of AI will be unbelievable. It’s bigger than the Internet. This is our Industrial Revolution.”

Reid Hoffman calls it “the cognitive industrial revolution,” a time of massive transition that…

  • for technology, will face bumps and bugs, but will ultimately work out.
  • for humanity, will require new, compassionate ways of working that underscore for an anxious workforce how valuable and essential they will always be to your success.

📣 Watch Reid Hoffman, Co-founder of LinkedIn and Partner at Greylock, in conversation with Axios and Axios HQ Co-founder Mike Allen. They cover:

  • Emerging AI applications that are poised to amplify productivity.
  • Communication strategies that have actually helped leaders incorporate it.
  • “What’s next” in an industry and technology that seems to change every day.
  • The balance between embracing innovation and protecting the human experience.

🔍 Plus, Axios HQ's COO shares the AI-powered assistant coming soon to Axios HQ.


Mike Allen headshot
Mike Allen Axios Co-founder
Reid Hoffman headshot
Reid Hoffman Co-founder, LinkedIn Partner, Greylock