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Organizations of all sizes are experiencing salary waste, alignment breakdown, retention risk, executive distraction — and year over year, the story is getting worse. 

  • Why it matters: When you have the right data and the right playbooks to pull your people together and inform your strategy, even the most damaging stressors start to fade. 

To better understand what’s going on — and what leaders can do — we surveyed over 400 leaders sending internal communications and over 1,000 employees receiving similar comms.

Axios HQ Head of Content and Communication Strategy Emily Inverso covers our key findings and what the data can tell you about your organization’s…

  • Spending — in time and salary productivity.
  • Alignment — with goals and strategy.
  • Retention — of top employees. 
  • Politics — or what teams expect from leaders.


Emily Inverso headshot
Emily Inverso Axios HQ Senior Director