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Only 20% of employees say their leaders communicate effectively. The cracks in that foundation are as many as you can imagine — what leaders share, where they share it, when they choose to do it — and they’re all leaving employees in the dark, ill-equipped, and destined to waste time. 

  • It’s time to level up for 2024, refining your organization’s approach so it stays in step with a modern workforce. 
  • The channel mix you choose will be a critical piece in ensuring staff stay informed. 

Hear from Blair Aires, VP of Internal Comms at Centric Brands. She spent almost a decade consulting on strategy at Edelman, then another decade building strategic communications at Chobani and directing Kraft Heinz’s global internal communications. 

She breaks down how to build a multi-channel employee communication strategy that will keep you competitive in 2024. In conversation with Axios HQ COO Jordan Zaslav, they also discuss:

  • The radiating impact of a multi-channel strategy on staff engagement.
  • How to identify the channels that matter most to your team.
  • The internal comms strategies that build trust — and momentum.


Jordan Zaslav headshot
Jordan Zaslav Axios HQ Chief Operating Officer
Blair Aires headshot
Blair Aires Centric Brands Vice President, Internal Communications